Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

:: 1:10 PM by Jenna
December 22, 2004! Almost Christmas!

Well, if you're a lucky Japanese, you're probably going to get Advent Children for Christmas, if you're not in Japan--then all they have to say is, "Screw you! This is MINE." Sadly, the English version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as we all know now, won't be released some time in 2005.

Though good new folks! About a few months ago, I came upon a rumor that has said to be true! Is Square Enix making a remake of ... Final Fantasy VII? That's right folks! I was told by many that Square was going to recreate FFVII. Now don't piss yourselves just yet, because it's only a rumor that only a small percentage have heard.

I believe Square will however, due to everyone's FF game is most likely VII. Well it is mine and everyone I know. No new trailors, that's all I can say. Other than what I said yesterday about the trailor, nothing else is really out about it.

(From Square has hosted a screenshot from the ending credits of Itadaki Street Special, revealing the music tracks used in the game. Pieces used from FFVII include Aerith's and Jenova's themes. Also, the official site has updated with a wallpaper of and character information on Sephiroth.

So as we wait here, you guys can send in any fan art, fiction, or whatever to and I'll create a sweet little page filled with your fanarts. I'll go search on google to see if FFVII:REMAKE will ever be released.

Good Day,

  - Jenna


Hello all, name's Jenna Myers, and here I'll have my artwork, rants, blogs, stories, peoms, and anything about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that needs to be posted, yeah. Basically, I'm a huge fan, and I'm here to support you all in your needs for information.

If you have anything to submit, click 'Jenna' under each post in the highlighted color and I'll make a page for you and your works. Thanks.

This site is in use for peoples' information for the upcoming event of Advent Children, the based movie on Final Fantasy VII.

ALSO:Heard rumours for a remake of the game, Final Fantasy VII.

If you have any questions, comments, FAQ, or whatever, just post them in the tagboard below, email me, or AIM me. Thanks.


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